What good is a house out of foam blocks?

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foam Blocks is a rectangular large white bricks , a very small weight. If you do not know what kind of material. I had very surprised the unit is made easy stone. The fact that this is not the stone that blocks foamed concrete. Otherwise, they are called aerated concrete, cellular concrete, foam concrete, and otherwise (there are other varieties). This porous concrete analogue of the Penza or foam, just a bit heavier. In recent years, the traditional clay bricks out of fashion and more and more homes and outbuildings build from these blocks. Moreover, these units prefer simple people for whom building a house is a necessity, and not the subject of kitsch in front of the others. Who prefer to work and not to sit in . What is so liked these units to the U.S.?

  • Inexpensive: a single unit only a little more expensive than brick;
  • the
  • Large: much larger than bricks;
  • the
  • Warm: the brick is much superior in thermal properties.

the Heat

the House of foam blocks is very warm. It consists of a thick porous wall, which practically does not require external or internal insulation. Due to its porosity, this material is much superior to the brick in terms of heat. Their principle of operation is as follows. Cold air to get inside the house, you need to first freezing the wall. But the foam blocks there is no wall. Hundreds and thousands of walls , separated by a hollow balls of air and which are the buffer. That is, frost is necessary to overcome these walls and balloons in between. And it's almost impossible. The air is a great insulator of heat. To freezing porous material is very difficult. Therefore, the house from cellular concrete characterized by a higher level of warmth is unprecedented.

Efficiently and quickly

an Important advantage of the foam blocks they are large in size. Where it was necessary to put 6-8 of bricks, placed one foam block. This greatly simplifies the Builder: wall homes are built much faster. Therefore, the house is more likely to be commissioned. Hence, a smaller amount will have to pay workers is less than the cost of the project (if the client is paying for the project) or less business days (if paid for days or hours). Also on their packing leaves less cement, it is much easier to lay smooth wall.

Less Foundation

the Foundation of no less a headache than the actual construction of the house. If the Foundation is too weak, the house will eventually mowing. Therefore, his construction is treated very seriously. For brick you need a very solid Foundation: it will weigh several tons. But for the foam blocks will fit on one plate: the weight of the blocks is very small, and it will be able to withstand even a weak Foundation. Perhaps you have already noticed: the modern commercial buildings of 3-5 floors erected from concrete blocks. Because they are lightweight and do not need to dig a big pit.

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