Why the need for hydro and vapor barrier


VAN MARKET, the main domestic manufacturer of steam insulation and the non-woven fabric Spanbond, embarked on a major production of an advanced membrane with three-layer structure. The material is produced under the brand IZOBOND AS. The clients of this membrane will be presented at the event MOSBUILD the 2018.

the Need paro waterproofing

well designed In isolation from each pair needs a home with high humidity level. Paro waterproofing helps keep the supporting structures and building materials from damage that is caused by the influence of steam and condensate outside of the building. Because of the higher temperature and humidity level in the house is formed by the condensation, which is able to get inside the structure and cause destruction. Damp and condensation is the main source of mold.

to protect the insulation and other construction components from moisture inside and out, used vapor barrier materials. A special layer must be laid in warm, damp areas, toilets, baths and so on.

about the manufacturer

VAN-MARKET produces a variety of products for hydro - and vapor barrier. The company represents the following decisions:

  • Isoband;
  • the
  • Spunbond;
  • the
  • Lamination.

the Key of the company . The material is used as a base when creating hydroprocessing compositions. It is also used in other areas in the production of leather goods, medicine clothing industry, etc.

it is Worth noting that the firm produces laminirovannogo of polypropylene fabric. Your attention is invited to universal product that is made from polypropylene yarn. Specialized equipment makes it possible to achieve specific binding of the threads. This increases the strength of matter, it eliminates shedding and coloring when cutting. High resistance material to the impact from the outside is achieved by applying one or more layers of polyethylene.

In our day VAN MARKET steadily expands its network of dealers and supplies products not only to customers from Russia, but and abroad. For twelve years the firm managed to win a larger area of the market and become a respected Russian supplier hydroprocessing materials.

This fact was noted at the second forum of exporters in Moscow region, which took place on 15 November in the House of Moscow region Government. TD VAN MARKET , as a member of the forum of exporters, was awarded a diploma as a leading exporter of construction hydroprocessing materials of its own production.

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