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In this article we will talk about the profession, this profession as a hairdresser, but rather about learning. We know when to go to this specialty, and when it is better to opt for another profession and tell us about it Bordenave Julia - master hairdressing of the international class, which has created a School-Studio for hairdressers in Moscow.


When you need to go learn a Barber?

the 1st and most important point is motivation. People need to give yourself an honest answer to the question: "Why does he want to learn this profession?". And when among the answers are: I have advised friends / relatives / friends , a Hair, it is not as heavy as other professions + it is possible to earn decent money , I think I can swing it as it is very easy , I on what is no longer capable, etc., then you better just to pause and not to throw money to the wind.

You must have a personal active interest in this field and to the profession itself, as it is quite specific. In the case where your desire to learn is weak, then even the best schools / courses will not bring the desired effect. That is why if you still think the final decision is still pending, then I suggest you to define your own motivation and if you find that you do not like, and desired only as a forced short-term decisions, then better look for another field of activity that can bring pleasure and money.

if this profession you theoretically like, then initially it is better to learn more about this specialty in order to clearly understand what specifically have daily deal what skills will be useful in work, and without which in this industry it is impossible to succeed.


How long does it take to go to beauty school and how much it costs?

it is Very difficult to say exactly how much is the tuition fee at the hairdresser, because the final cost depends on many aspects. In the first place, is crucial to the professional level of a specific person. So, if one never studied, he would need to start from "0" to complete the basic course (this is the Foundation on which people in the future will be to string their own new skills and knowledge). Of course, the Foundation must be sure and very durable, therefore, with special responsibility to approach the selection of the Academy / training center / school, where it will undergo the training itself.

in Order to get the basic knowledge need anywhere from 6 to 8 months. Do not think that in just 1.5 months you will be able to learn the main details of hairdressing. Should immediately tune in to a long and serious training that will ultimately lead to a successful career.

: http://www.j-center.ru

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