Peculiarities of obtaining information about the pregnancy

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a Medical certificate about pregnancy is a of. the document confirming the fact of pregnancy in a woman, and her time and it is issued in the antenatal clinic.

Since pregnant women traditionally enjoy some privileges and respect in the society, such help can significantly make life easier + will help to address the very substantial problems under the laws of:

  • Pregnant girls/women is almost impossible to dismiss from their places of work;
  • to Refuse a pregnant woman in employment will also be very difficult (of course, if her qualifications to the position for which it is intended);
  • Pregnant women, it is mandatory to provide easier working conditions;
  • If specified in the certificate of pregnancy from 120 days you can speed up the process of registration of marriage in the registry office (it can be done directly on the day of submission of the application);
  • pregnant do not impose a probationary period;
  • When presenting information about the pregnancy the student exempt from physical education classes;
  • pregnancy certificate from the antenatal clinic can help the expectant mother in a court case (it may well be a mitigating circumstance);
  • If the future father will bring a certificate of pregnancy the mother of your child for a period of 26 weeks in the military, he can get a reprieve from the army.

So even the man may need to acquire a certificate of pregnancy, of course, if it is issued in the name of his girlfriend or wife (by the way, you can do it on the website ).

If a woman is pregnant, she might receive this help and in addition thereto: a huge number of destinations on various surveys and tests in the clinic, which is constantly crowding numerous infectious patients, the duty to sit in queues in spite of your health and regularly visit in the exam room.

It is therefore not strange that future mothers are not in a hurry to go to gynecologists. But this does not mean that information about the pregnancy available to them. Today, you can easily buy it, even not being pregnant. This certificate will be 100 % fit issued in the antenatal clinic similar or the same examination room.

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