Urban backpack: How to choose?


Gradually over the last 50 years, the backpack has become an essential part of everyday modern life. Backpacks are used by sportsmen and tourists, students, motorcyclists and cyclists, young mothers and small children. With a backpack you can go for a walk, picnic, market and shop, to visit friends, to work or to the gym.

Buy a backpack, at 1st glance, it is absolutely not difficult, a huge number of manufacturers offer 1000 Chi different options for every budget and taste. Likely to directly such a wide variety and causes difficulty in choosing, especially if the person can't really imagine what exactly he needs.


Backpack what is better to choose?

it all depends on the purpose that you plan to "load". For example, the tourist volume backpack with attachments for sleeping bags and tents in the city, at least, will look very strange, but in a small fabric bag is impossible to take even food for the future picnic in addition to mobile phone and purse in it, nothing else will fit.

the best option is specifically designed for everyday wear in the city. These backpacks are very reliable and durable, perfectly keep their shape, do not miss the snow and rain, easily cleaned from various contaminants and retain the original appearance for many years.

the Choice of a backpack is not an easy task as it might seem at 1st glance. Next, we consider the main points that should pay attention when choosing this accessory.


City backpack: Main selection criteria

  • Material. Better to stop the choice on the backpack of waterproof material (the best option is polyester);
  • Accessories. Mandatory check at purchase, all buttons, zippers, clamps, rivets and other accessories of the backpack;
  • Compartments and pockets. Everything is simple: the more, the easier you will be to use a knapsack;
  • Straps. Directly depends on them for comfort, as well as the load on the spine;
  • Volume. Optimum backpack volume: 20 L.

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