Reception at the proctologist: As it is in women?

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Many women are concerned with how the inspection at the proctologist. Especially by reason of the fair sex in the anal area is hemorrhoids that appeared immediately after delivery. Due to the nature of the conduct of the examination, this visit causes many women concern.


Conversation with the gynecologist

Everyone is simply impossible without a medical history (pre-interview). The physician needs to identify the exact cause of the problem. To prepare for this conversation, the woman must think through the answers to the following questions:

  1. have you Seen any blood, mucus or pus in your stool?
  2. How often do you go to toilet for "big"?
  3. What you ate in the last 7 days?
  4. did you have a sense of neporozhnego your gut?
  5. did you have a burning sensation or pain during bowel movements?
  6. How do you feel (headaches, fatigue, etc.)?

Remember: For the decision accurate diagnosis and prescribing the right treatment (if necessary) the proctologist is necessary to provide very detailed information about your problem.


Visual inspection

Directly after the collection of history you have to pass a visual inspection. With this procedure, the doctor can detect diseases such as:

  • perianal dermatitis;
  • tumors
  • external hemorrhoids;
  • fistulous passages in cases;
  • papillomas and warts.

the inspection takes place on the proctology chair, which is very similar to gynecological. During it, the patient lying on his back, with legs bent at the knees and spreading them apart.

a Very important point is the hygiene directly in the perianal region. That is why before the passage of the rectal need to take a shower or use wet wipes to clean the perineum.


Finger examination of the anus

Previous (visual inspection) is not enough. There are also other additional methods of research anus. For example, palpation of the anus, which helps the doctor to determine what muscle tone is the muscle, to detect anal fissures or hemorrhoids, but also pre-diagnose a duodenal ulcer or an infiltrate in the gut wall.


mechanical inspection

the Most affordable as well as simple examination, which is held in the office of the proctologist, there are anoscopy. During this operation the patient is in the supine position. With the help of special. device (rectal mirror, anoscope) doctor identifies a paraproctitis, cracks, tumors, fistula and nodes.

Another common survey method is rectoscopy. Unlike the previous methods, rectoscopy proctologist emotiva sigmoid. The main indication for this test is a suspicion of cancer.

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