Hostel on Serpukhovskaya – affordable housing for everyone


to search for affordable housing today are interested in many working groups, coming to work in Moscow. And, it should be noted, as other hostels of the capital, you'll be a lot of advantages. Why? You get the conditions necessary for normal living for a really low cost. The latter may start from 140 rubles per day for a bed. It should be noted that for the money the applicant receives a room with a TV and a refrigerator. Of course, for an additional bun will have to pay. So, the price per day will grow, if you wish to use the Internet or have its own Parking space. Family rooms will also cost more.

Another caveat when searching for housing in the capital, you should pay attention to is the mediators. Working with agencies or realtors, you will certainly pay additional fees. But for the working man wasting to anything. Therefore, you need to find a company that provides services for the settlement in the hostel of Moscow and Moscow region free of charge.


Possible! The company Gormogon will help you with the housing search completely free. On her website there are more than three hundred proposals of hostels in various parts of Moscow and Moscow region. Almost all offer a comfortable accommodation at an affordable price that will pleasantly surprise you. The link you can read all advantages of cooperation with us.

Working with Gormogon you completely resolve the housing problem, while saving you money and precious time. Gormogon - easy, profitable and convenient. See for yourself!

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