The hostel Botanical garden: how to save on finding accommodation in the capital


the Hostel is the cheapest way to find a place of temporary residence in Moscow. Some apartments of this type are available at a higher cost. The reason is not in conditions of comfort and coziness.

stands out from the others. Client offers reasonable prices, good technical equipment and accomplishment of adjoining territory. The spacious Parking is a benefit.

what is the cost for a Dorm room?

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    Margin of realtor. Most seeking sites through intermediaries. It's not the best solution, because the realtor is doing a markup of a few thousand rubles, and makes the customer to pay twice.

    Season. Some dorms do a great allowance, when there is an influx of students and workers, and tourists. A professional platform go to meet clients, offer standard rates for all of our guests.

    Location. Other sites charged a premium due to the fact that they are closer to the center or near active highways. You can always find an alternative that will be equally comfortable and cozy.

    feature. To save money, you can rent a room easier. This means that you can be free of any kinds of household appliances, and there is only a bed and a drawer for storage.

When choosing a hostel is to check reviews online. Not all courts are competent in relation to their customers. This applies mainly to the permanent presence of the building. It is not always possible to find quiet neighbors.

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