Harmony in the definition of the meaning of life

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when identifying themselves in society and thinking about the meaning of life the person most often operates, in the following categories:

    self-Realization. Many people want to achieve success in business family, creativity. A fan of this approach was Aristotle. Of course, everyone has the right to show their abilities, but you can't make it the meaning of life. It is very important that the results of this work bring benefit to others;

    health and Beauty. Everyone wants to be beautiful and to forget about the visits to the doctor. To do this, eat right, exercise and get positive emotions. Everything should be in moderation. In today's world there are many methods of rejuvenation and trends in the field of beauty. But in the race for physical perfection to forget about the soul. We are all mortal, so do not make it the meaning of its existence;

    Consumption. What man doesn't enjoy tasty food, pleasant film, travel, read a good book, a new purchase? Society can not be dependent only on their own natural instincts, otherwise we are not different from animals. In man as being reasonable needs should increase in relation to spiritual development;

    Prosperity. Of course, to live, to satisfy their needs, people have to earn money. But if the meaning of life is not all that it is possible to buy, how money can be the sense? Folk wisdom says: all not make any money with them to the light won't. You need to strive for more;

    Family. Probably, everyone thinks that relatives and friends are most important in life. To live only for the family of a dead end road. With acoustilay yourself with friends, living his life, not his. Shifting the meaning of existence to another, we lose ourselves;

    Job and work. If in the morning I want to go to work, so we love. Someone is science, someone's culture, someone people. A matter of life in everyone. In order to gain credibility and to be respected, you need a lot of hard work. Sometimes my family suffers, the health of such a person. If you live only to work, you can quickly spend all their inner strength. Is it worth such sacrifice?

    People live in society and have a duty to communicate. For this there is the work. To work, people need to look good and be healthy. That is, you need to have food, clothes, house and other benefits to make money. Money people receive for work. A vicious circle.

of Course, it is impossible to put ourselves in the life of only one goal. They are all linked. The main task of man in search of meaning of life to prioritize and to harmoniously combine them in the making of me .

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