How to choose flowers: Recommendations of experienced florists

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Professional florists over the years working in this field and know a lot about flowers, so you should listen to the advice of experts, which is not exactly bad advise. The choice of flowers, in fact, a lot of subtleties. For example, in the spring and winter period it is not necessary to order flowers at stores, where there is no heating. In any case don't take the flowers at competitive prices. In the cold season, the flowers freeze slightly and got into a warm room immediately lose appearance. Picking up ready-made bouquets, make a note of the buds, which are an indicator of freshness. If the base of each flower is strong and fresh, so the plants in optimum shape and you can buy. For example , where only fresh tracks for a nice price.

How to choose a good bouquet?

Many people wonder how to choose beautiful and fresh flowers, but spending a little money. Today it is possible due to the fact that there are stores with a huge range of kits and colors, allowing you to choose composition for any budget. Note the painted flowers, ribbons and other items. Some dishonest sellers using the decorative elements hide the real condition of the plants. Normal store mandatory guarantee of fresh flowers and never send a bad product. So flower delivery is done in just a few hours in the city. If the flowers have lost their freshness and do not sell, store their debit and in any case, such plants do not fall into the sale.

appearance of colors immediately clear that they are beautiful, fresh and really gathered into bouquets an experienced florist! Again, there are pavilions that not only that violate the conditions of storage and assemble the combinations are virtually out of trash, which for a long time need to be written off. So don't be tempted by too low prices.

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