What you need to know about life in the hostel Paveletskaya?


Moscow is a big city and every day it attracts hundreds of thousands of people. Each of them has its own reason someone wants to get a job or to study, and someone just decided to see the sights of the capital. But anyway, everyone needs housing. As a rule, for these purposes, open and comfortable hostels. will be able to place anyone who needs a temporary housing.

Profitable, convenient, cheap

Opened a hostel near metro Paveletskaya rooms and family type, here any one can remove place. The proximity to the subway, check in the hotel in Moscow, the optimum value, this is an incomplete list that offers checking. Bed space for rent from 140 rubles per day. Everyone is guaranteed safety, as the hostel is guarded.

the rooms have TV, comfortable beds with bedding, there are chairs, tables and cabinets. On the floor there is kitchen, shower, washing machine. Each worker can comfortably relax, to cook. Weekly in the dorms cleaned, bedding is changed every two weeks.

in addition, anyone who moves in at the hostel can use the Internet, machines, coffee and snacks in the lobby. Companies that will contract with a "Germandom" will be able to have their employees not only in the hostel near the metro station Paveletskaya, but in other areas of the capital.

the Hostel is open throughout Moscow and the Moscow region, so your workers can comfortably accommodate anywhere. The company will take care of all the location of the visitors and provide them comfortable accommodation. Within walking distance from the hostel there are large supermarkets, beauty salons, metro. Town will have everything you need for normal living in the capital.

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