Training on the requirements of labor protection


As ordinary workers, specialists and managers must be trained in occupational safety, this training must take place not less often than 1 time in three years.

based on courses taught at the Centre of labour protection, the Solution course on labor protection, lasting 40 hours, provides the most important information: basic provisions of labor law; normative-legal acts regulating labor protection; work with regulatory authorities; means of individual protection and their application in a particular industry; hazardous and harmful production factors; responsibility and rights of civil servants and employees in the context of occupational safety; system safety management; safeguards and workers ' compensation. Listeners also learn about the procedure of investigation of accidents on production.

this year, several Federal Executive bodies issued a number of new legal acts in the field of occupational safety: the Ministry for labour and employment, RTN. In order not to drown in a flood of decrees and orders, our Company always provide updated information, in accordance with the adopted amendments. The training course is developed and actualizarea Methodists in cooperation with leading expert practitioners.

training Organization

the Program is constructed so that in the allotted time period to teach the listener all the necessary aspects of safety. In Decision, everyone will get the opportunity to choose your schedule of classes. With these positive factors, the quality of services remains at the highest level.

classrooms are equipped with modern technology. It becomes possible to obtain knowledge, learning them quickly and permanently. This is achieved by the clarity and specificity of the educational process. As a result, the learning becomes interesting and exciting. Most customers enjoy visiting courses.

Remote training

in Addition to the classroom training requirements of labor protection, our Center provides distance learning courses. Today, more and more resorted to distance education as it saves time - you can learn at any time and in any place. No need to make trips - especially important for remote towns and villages. Our Center provides access to methodological materials, so that the listener always could find the answer to his question.

On completion of training student will be issued a certificate.

Each employee should undergo such training, because it affects not only his own life but also the people who work with him.

Training on health and safety requirements:

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