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Today Russian cinema is experiencing a real recovery and step by step returns the lost positions. Products are gradually changing for the better, and their Directors clearly understand what is demanded of the audience and evokes their sympathy.

Together with the development of national cinema becomes increasingly popular Russian TV series. This trend is quite legitimate, because despite the various attacks on critics, the Russian people will be always closer of the domestic series. Moreover, the current domestic series is not just a couple of unremarkable episodes about the service of our police, 2nd World War or crime, and high-quality films with unpredictable ending and an exciting plot.

do Not believe? Then the following will help you to see this!

it contains an impressive collection of Russian serials. Among them:

  • everyone loved the Team , which tells about a criminal organization, headed by Sasha White;
  • the film Border: taiga novel , which tells about the life of 3 families from the Far East, it has everything: hatred, and friendship, and love;
  • as well as the TV series cold case , which tells about the events of the life and adventures of Sergey Glukharev (investigator OVD) and his friend Denis Antoshin (Lieutenant DPS).

If you are a fan of action movies with explosions, gunfights and car chases, you'll like the detectives and militants. The most popular are the following series:

  1. battalions ;
  2. special Forces in Russian ;
  3. and Next

If you like to laugh, and also want to get a dose of positivity, then you will like shows such as:

  • University ;
  • Matchmakers ;
  • PE ;
  • Real boys ;
  • Interns ;
  • Voronin ;
  • Daddy's girls etc.

Weak half also in for a surprise. You will approach the domestic melodramatic serials. Favorite actors (Olga Pogodina, Maria Poroshina, Yaroslav Boyko, Aleksandr Nosik, etc.), different situations in life will not leave anyone indifferent.

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