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The most interesting Christmas markets in Europe

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Christmas is a celebration for both adults and children. So want to plunge into this magical atmosphere of happiness and joy, which gives us this holiday! An essential attribute of Christmas be called Christmas fair. The most interesting, colourful and traditional fair held in Europe. Well, in order to attend the holiday fair and will plunge into atmosphere of Christmas, the modern man needs only to buy tickets on the website .

As you know, Christmas in Europe is celebrated 24 of December, so fairs are held mainly from late November to late December. In many capitals of Europe, such events gather not only local residents, but also travelers from all over the world. Just select the country and city that will give you a memorable holiday.

Strasbourg (France)

the First Christmas fair was held in Strasbourg in the 16 th century. Of course since then much has changed, but the fair still gives its visitors the warmth and joy of the holiday. Here you can taste dishes of national cuisine and purchase traditional products of local craftsmen and artisans. Christmas fair in Strasbourg takes place from 24 November to 24 December.

Vienna (Austria)

This great city will give you a sense of fairytale and holiday. The biggest Christmas market in Vienna is near the town hall square. Especially interesting here will be the children, because in addition to stalls with handmade toys and crafts masters, on the territory of the fair has plenty of rides and performances. Also at the fair you can taste traditional sweets and drinks. Christmas market in Vienna takes place from mid-November 24-26 December.

Prague (Czech Republic)

Architecture of the Czech capital is best suited for Christmas. Medieval castles, towers and squares, covered with snow, will immerse you in the magical atmosphere of Christmas. The whole city shrouded in a festive charm and fun. In the main squares of the city - old town and Wenceslas square, you can taste traditional dishes of national cuisine and warm up with hot mulled wine and Mead. And be sure to buy a keepsake or a toy from the local artists. Christmas fair in Prague, held from November 26 to January 3.

Dresden (Germany)

the Christmas market in Dresden is one of the oldest fairs in Germany. The smell of mulled wine and traditional sausages hovering around the city, and will certainly lead you to the venue of the trade fair centre. Bright lights, lots of stalls with traditional food, gifts and Souvenirs will bring you the sense of celebration. You will definitely want to come here again! Christmas fair in Dresden takes place from 27 November to 24 December.

Budapest (Hungary)

Fair in Budapest is a Paradise for gourmets. Such a diversity of traditional dishes you won't find anywhere else! Sellers offer a huge selection of dishes to suit all tastes. And also you can buy a variety of Souvenirs, as a rule - are made by hand by local artisans. And for children on the territory of the fair has a huge skating rink. But hearing folk music you will undoubtedly begin to dance! Christmas fair held in Budapest from 10 November to 1 January.

Spend Christmas in Europe will not regret it and get your impressions for the next year!

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