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Almost all theorists of literature without exception define it as an art, a flock on a par with theatre, music and art. The essence lies in the fact that in literature, as in any other art, is a meaningless organization of a certain material to another (brand new) shape with a certain ideological content. All types of art differ only in the material: in the architecture of it's building materials, painting is paint, but in music it sounds. In a similar vein, literature is special because its material are solely the language and the word.

From the above we can conclude that literature is all written texts, dividing in turn into the following groups: technical reference, scientific, popular scientific, educational and of course . It is with the latter group, each person is faced with the 1st years of his life (when parents read the child bedtime stories), in school (getting acquainted with classic works of literature), as well as in adult life (when we deliberately read we are interested in the book). Any book is a kind of mirror of society. If we consider more widely the literature are those works that have aesthetic value and represent a certain artistic value.


Main genera of literature:

  • dramatic;
  • epic;
  • and lyrical.

the basis of this division is how the reader imagines the contents of a particular artwork.

So, if the subject is shown in action, it is possible to play on stage and to show the reader and the viewer, then it is a dramatic kind of literature. To him belong all kinds: comedies, tragedies and plays.

If the same events are described in detail, the position of the author is removed, there are different characters, whose appearance is described in great detail, and the leading type of speech is the narrative, then it is an epic kind of literature (or in simple words - prose). These include different: novels, short stories, novels, essays and other such works.

And when the author wants to tell is not so much about events as about the feelings that they directly caused, then is a lyrical kind of fiction.

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