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When ordering the translation on General subjects and without setting specific deadlines, almost 90 percent of all cases, the client will receive a well-ordering, of course, in the case of his conversion to the time-tested periodicheskoe Agency.

But now in the market of translation services the situation is such that one hundred percent of the interpreters offering services in the industry, in reality, only 1-2% are able to perform high quality translations in a specific region.

"Most people understand that there is no sense to risk making the cost of outsourcing of freelance translators, everywhere offering their own services in the Global Web even in spite of the fact that prices are much higher. Translators-professionals do not give ad, and so they are in great demand ", - says the language centre times , which can be directly order a transfer in Moscow.


in the end, a high-quality translation?

so, we decided that your choice is better to stop on translation and not on the private translators. Now let's consider the main points that needs to be clarified, so there was no confusion in time of receipt of your order:

  • Ask if (or when released) the translators who directly own the subject of Your translation. In some cases, it is better to wait a couple of days in order to be 100% sure that Your order will be done by a translator specializing in the needs of the region;
  • If you need to translate a very long text then ask the Manager periodicheskogo Bureau to send You a few pages of the finished draft (interpretation), immediately after they are made. So you will have the opportunity to specify the desired formatting to harmonize the terms to change the interpreter (if you are not satisfied with his job) or to opt out of the services of the Agency;
  • If You have previously made translations, it is mandatory show them to the Manager, but no more than 3 pages because of a big translation is simply impossible to use. The ideal option would be to provide the interpreter a Glossary that he knew All of your requirements regarding the translation of terms and names (these requirements all their own, and predict from simply unrealistic);
  • Editors, translators and managers exert maximum efforts in order to translate efficiently, but the personal involvement of the client in the process of implementation of the order will reduce the risk of poor translation to min.

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