Why Oncology is to be treated in Israeli hospitals?

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Israeli medicine are pinning their hopes people from around the world. This particularly relates to the treatment of cancer. In Israel, mortality from this disease is at a minimum. This is due to the fact that the person is one and the same family doctor from birth. This allows you to keep track of any changes to timely diagnosis, take into account the peculiarities of heredity and history.

the benefits of treatment of cancer in Israel

In this country medicine is considered one of the best and most affordable. The main advantage of the Oncology offices is the individual approach, which takes into account all parties ranging from the mood of the patient to its objective condition.

it is Important and the use of innovative techniques. In Israel there are many different research centers in which the study of the characteristics of cancer cells, their mutations and transformations.

Many patients come to the country and because of the available treatment. In comparison with Germany, other European countries the cost is more affordable. Pricing is regulated at the state level. This gives you the opportunity to use approximately the same value in different medical institutions.

How to treat cancer in Israel?

the clinics are taken for those tumors that are not amenable to treatment. For this purpose, innovative technologies

  • diagnosis
  • the
  • procedures
  • the
  • rehabilitation.

Among the most effective methods is makroregiona surgery used for the treatment of skin cancer. The method is used in the most advanced cases, allows to save up to 99% of patients.

statistically, the chances of a complete cure of cancer in Israel over the last decade has increased from 30 to 60%. This applies to:

  • Radiotherapy. With the help of special equipment it is possible to kill the malignant cells in remote places.
  • the
  • Chemotherapy. This method is used all over the world. Israeli doctors through individual approach, prescribe drugs based on many parameters. This gives the opportunity to minimize the incidence of side effects.
  • the
  • of the Monoclonal therapy. In the process of treatment using the antibodies that are created by artificial means. They selectively attack malignant cells without affecting healthy.

During treatment, the patient may be in hospital and in the hotel. It all depends on the dates of your treatment and condition of the patient. One of the main differences, making Israeli medicine is more attractive is more a close relationship between a doctor and patient. This allows you to achieve amazing results.

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