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The husband gave me a Dildo when I was away on business



Why did I receive such a gift

my husband and I been together for many years, but do not think that my husband gave me a Dildo because of distrust or other such reasons. Everything is much easier. Before the trip, I watched wife surprise online sex shop and forgot to close the page. Husband saw and took as a subtle hint, and while I was thinking about a gift, my beloved ordered and gave it to me before leaving. I was surprised and curious at the same time. Sex shop helps to keep our sex life passion, enthusiasm and sexual desire.


How it looks

Now, about my Dildo. Well, what to say, he's perfect and very realistic. The model is identical with the natural penis. Natural skin color, size of course, a little more than I would like, but after first test I realized that everything is great. For me, as for any woman, important tactile sensations. If you want to experience such emotions, is to give preference to models of cyberage. This material is innovative, but already well-known and popular. I'll try to explain what is it, cybercore, it's a warm, slightly velvety and moderately flexible material. If you close your eyes and completely surrender to the senses, the effect of the presence of men is guaranteed. This is my first experience using toys from cybercore, but I am very pleased and can safely recommend devices from this material.


How to use a Dildo

Probably everyone knows what dildos. Those who used the toy, you know what to achieve. Will share the secrets that I discovered:

  • first is the ability to diversify the sexual life, the important thing is to learn to relax, perfectly contributing to the sexual partner, his looseness, increased trust in each other;
  • second, very unexpected, but with the help of Dildo have learned to orgasm much more often. As it turned out, I did not know my body, didn't know what I want from a partner. My husband also noticed the change for the better, but why it happened does not even know.

you Know, many are embarrassed to talk about it, but in life you have to try everything, besides such experiments bring great pleasure to both partners, enhancing emotional and spiritual connection between partners.

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