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We need to ban GDZ or not?

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Around the popular today of the theatre company (GDZ) develops a lot of discussion about whether to ban them. Those who are proponents of the ban argue that the keys in the end gives children the opportunity not to learn, and just write off of GDZ. And those who are supporters of the theatre company say that everything is exactly the opposite: GDZ allows you to obtain not merely the very decision task, and also in a popular form explains step by step the whole of his course, which in turn allows us to understand the whole process. Plus, parents will melt much easier to check their children's homework.

Agree that many of us have forgotten everything we learned even in Junior high, not to mention high school. That is why such reshebnik: m, Russian language class 3 Ivanov, workbook Kaufman English would be great help as to the children themselves and their parents.


what is the use of GDZ?

the curriculum of the modern school is a very complex and confusing. Sometimes, even the best students are unable to get it right the 1st time. Plus it is impossible to exclude the human factor - the teachers, because so much depends on exactly and clearly whether he will explain the material directly on the class.

If a student didn't understand everything 1st time, it absolutely does not mean that he should not be a 2nd chance for an explanation of the task.

1 of the outputs in this case is the tutor, but not everyone can afford it, because his services are not cheap. And the purchase of reshebnik, in turn, is associated with min cost.


GDZ: How to use them properly?

If to speak about the ethical side, which specifically and crush the opponents of the theatre company, the correct application of this auxiliary information is the parent task.

So if they're not interested, that their child received a good education then even a complete ban of anything will not lead, parents will find another opportunity, so their children were not doing homework.

1-they are short reshebnik should be seen not as a crib and as a tangible aid in the learning of school subjects, and in the verification of their degrees parents received their children's knowledge.

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