Personal growth training: What is it?

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Russia 1-e trainings of personal growth has appeared in the troubled 90's and later successfully rooted, like other traditional elements of advanced capitalism . Today in Russia work 100s and even 1000 Chi firms of various sizes that offer different personal growth trainings. Moreover, today even have the opportunity to do so .

the Founder of such a training, believe American Alexander Everett, which opened in Texas in 1968 to the Dynamics of the Mind . This miraculous technique, promised to promptly turn any loser into a leader. This training has quickly gained a huge popularity in the 1st place among the owners of various retail chains, who were involved in MLM and direct sales. Dynamics of Reason became the basis for the preparation and training of successful sales managers and salespeople.


Personal growth: What is it?

Personal growth is the discovery and development of human potential, but also his personality. The personal growth training called psychological training, aimed directly at positive qualitative changes that help people move through the stages of personal growth provides an opportunity to become freer and to go beyond the standard of human thinking, to become closer to themselves, to access not known previously, internal resources become more happy.

personal growth Training learns to accept himself and his own nature manage themselves and their way of life, set goals and achieve them.


There are 2 forms of such training:

  • Individual (They develop directly under the demands of a specific person);
  • the Group (Often they are held in the group, which consists of 7-15 members and 1 coach. Each participant has a chance to prove himself during the class, you may learn many new things both about yourself personally and your own interactions and other people and the world in General).

personal growth Training will be useful for those who want to improve their lives, reach new heights, to be always at odds with himself and dive into himself; all who are brimming with strength and energy, as well as all those who are not afraid to open something new in itself.

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