Why people watch reality TV "House-2"?

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the Scandalous reality House-2 has been around for many years. Discuss it, trying to close, scolded, but whatever it was, in the 1st turn, watch it. By the way, check out the new series of the TV show . What is the secret behind the high ratings of this reality show?

the Main reason for the success of these shows is the human craving for voyeurism. A huge number of television programs do directly on the basis of this caveat. Remember the glass is 1-e a reality with great success. His characters, in his time, were the idols of many of our fellow citizens. Viewers were given the ability to spy on other people's lives. At that time it seemed to be something shocking and unusual. But today, almost every private TV channel in live has a program that allows the audience to spy on the heroes.

in addition, many people look at the project Dom-2 as a TV series. This really is also the secret of its popularity. In this reality show involved a huge number of heroes. Many events develops and tied day by day. Well a concerned viewer, in turn, will want to know exactly how these events unfold. This is what causes him to turn on the TV day by day.

the Audience see the characters in reality almost as old acquaintances. Discuss them over a Cup of coffee or tea, worry about them, you get used to them. Sometimes, saying a specific name, the viewer is not even necessary to specify who exactly is it all so clear.

the Motto of the project is the following way: "Build your love". On it it is possible to argue very long the scenario is, fiction or deception, or maybe a pair of. But, whatever it was, someone else's personal life is all, and always interested.

On the TV vystavlyaetsya more prominent than our real life. Wedding bigger, tougher fights, scandals brighter. If the hero of the TV show everything is OK and everyone was looking at him and envy him.

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