Permanent makeup eyebrow: Definition and main types

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If you take the total wt of people, nature is not one of them was awarded the eyebrows the perfect shape and normal consistency. Often people have different length eyebrows, which are characterized by uneven hair growth and, with it, their color is also not quite the one that we would like to have. Permanent tattoo (makeup) for eyebrows gives you the opportunity not only to save time that we spend on a daily makeup, and also fix all the above cons.

permanent Makeup eyebrows designed to underscore natural beauty, attracting attention directly to the eyes, by the fact that they become more expressive, and the face looks younger. With all this, in most all cases, it is not necessary to go beyond the boundaries of eyebrow growth - enough min changes. Next, we consider the basic types of tattoo eyebrows and tell us about them, Professor of the Moscow Institute of cosmetology and aesthetics, which can pass .


Main technique of permanent makeup eyebrows

  • Feathering. In this case, the loop processing of the paint without clear boundaries gradient. Immediately after this permanent makeup eyebrows look as if they are a neat way tint ink or pencil. Feather make either tight and intense (the so-called Eastern makeup) or not very contrast - soft;
  • Hair techniques. Swiping the eyebrow in this way, the wizard carefully draws each individual thread. Often the best result can be obtained if to draw them in different colors - it gives it volume. There are 2 Islands the form of this technique of permanent make-up: Eastern (mimics natural weave hairs), European (hairs drawn parallel to each other);
  • mixed media. The combination of the hair equipment and feather in combination with pigments of various hues allows you to create 3D makeup. At the request of the client, the master can make densely filled, clearly delineated contour of the eyebrows, however this method is outdated and today he is not in demand.

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