The most frequent breakdown of refrigerators TM Atlant


Now there are a couple of typical breakdowns of refrigeration equipment TM "Atlant", which are manifested differently. Next, we consider the most common signs of a breakdown of a refrigerator of the brand about which we will tell the employee the Internet-shop of products and services, which can be directly ordered .


Basic breakdown of refrigeration equipment TM Atlant:

  • Breaking No. 1. the Inside the refrigerator 1, either one compressor of refrigerator company "Atlant" the light is on, but the compressor motor is not on. 1st compressor-motor is not heated, in 2nd compressor motor when it hot. Most likely, the problem lies in automation. It can be: electronic control, protective and regulating relays or the thermostat. The exact cause of failure can be set only on the site;
  • Failure No. 2. the In the refrigerator the one-compressor refrigerator company "Atlant" is not enough cold, but on its rear wall a snow build-up. In the case of single-compressor refrigerator, the problem lies directly in the blockage of the capillary tube. In order to properly and efficiently eliminate this contamination need: appropriate knowledge, huge experience and special. equipment. Be aware that in bad repair there is a huge probability of failure of a compressor motor. A similar outcome would be in the case if you tighten with the repair. 2 - 7 days of operation of the refrigerator in this mode the compressor can be vykidat to the dump;
  • Breaking n 3. Inside the cold or (and) freezer 1 - or one compressor of refrigerator company "Atlant" no cold, the compressor-motor is attempting to turn on either for a couple of minutes/seconds turns on and immediately turns off and the compressor-motor in this heat. In this case, down came the compressor motor. This failure is quite serious, but not critical, so do not just throw the fridge in the trash or thinking about purchasing a new one. Remember, if your refrigerator has a compressor motor, the main role is played here his installation, not the brand;
  • Failure No. 4. the Inside the refrigeration compartment of the refrigerator company "Atlant" (directly under the fruit crates) accumulates water. This failure often occurs through the blockage of drainage system. At 1st glance this may seem frivolous and many think you can fix it yourself. But to do it categorically is not necessary, because often it ends up worsening the problem and leads eventually to very costly repairs;
  • Failure No. 5. the Inside the freezer or refrigeration compartment of the refrigerator company "Atlant" there is a strong coat. most Likely cause of this problem is a worn rubber seal on the door 1st or 2 chambers of the refrigerator. To solve this problem by replacing the gasket with the new one.

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