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Today, the beauticians offer us a huge range of different products. But how not to get lost in all of this diversity and to choose cosmetics with good composition?

Sure, at least once each of us had the situation when we chose any cosmetic product made up of several sentences, but could not decide. In fact, this is not surprising, as the competition in the cosmetics market now is very tough. Manufacturers are trying to lure us to his side in different ways and sometimes these ways are not really honest. However, there are a few simple rules that will help you make a good choice.

don't believe a word on advertising

Marketing in the modern world plays a very important role. Sometimes manufacturers are much more profitable to spend money on advertising than actually making a quality product. I think you have noticed on the shelves of cosmetics in bright, beautiful packaging and screaming to pay attention to it. That's just often it's just a marketing ploy and if the price of cosmetics is limited, in its composition you are likely to find harmful petrochemical products.

do Not blindly trust labels like natural or organic it can also beat a marketing ploy. After all, nobody forbids the manufacturer to add in only a small proportion of natural ingredients, so then to reveal his means of subsistence .

Carefully study the composition

so, from the first rule we smoothly pass to the second. Before buying it is important to make sure the composition of cosmetic products do not include petroleum products such as mineral oil, paraffin oil, propylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulfate. These components are not only unprofitable, with frequent use they can cause significant harm to your body. Make sure that the ones you get in the tool is not applied preservatives are formaldehyde and formaldehyde derivatives, for example, parabens or bronopol.

Try to choose funds without its pronounced, persistent odor and rich color. If your makeup has these properties, it is likely that it contains a large number of dyes and fragrances that can harm your health.

Greek cosmetics will serve as a good example, because in its composition you will find the above harmful components. Accordingly, the price of cosmetics will be much higher. In such cases we say that the price matches the quality. However, one should not chase the most expensive means more expensive is not always better, choose wisely.


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