What to see in Vegas?


ancient Roman culture has always attracted scholars and archaeologists from around the world. This is one of the most powerful civilizations of the time, one question, the mention of her you're concerned about? If you can say Yes, then you need your eyes to see Caesar's Palace, this casino is in the Roman style. This is the highlight of the city of a million lights hotel-casino called the Palace of the kings. This is a unique place where everyone can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a place and feel like a ruler of ancient Rome.

Jay Sarno extraordinary personality, he wanted to build something extraordinary. Then he asked to borrow million dollars from the national Bank of America and to build an entertainment complex in Vegas. In 1962 a huge sum, even in our time, such money is hard to find for a project, not talking about that time. In General, he was able to prove the profitability of the project and to obtain the necessary amount. For Sarno was important to build not just a hotel, he really wanted to give it a name with a European bias. Therefore, the complex got this interesting name. Some skeptics are quite opposed to this idea. Why in the desert to build the likeness of a Roman Palace with a European bias? Many were convinced that the project to fail at the stage of construction. But Jay had very different views, and proved to the world that a casino can have many different guises.

Caesar's Palace

These will give you a volcano of emotions and new large financial incentives.

In 1965 we opened our first themed casino in Vegas. It was a 14-storey building, which bore the name of Caesar's Palace. Complex for a long time, was rebuilt and expanded, until it became a unique architectural attraction in Vegas. To 2010 to carry out construction work. Today it is a complex with high buildings, a private Colosseum, shopping centers. Appearance fully reflects the architecture of the ancient market. Inside the complex everything is arranged as in the old Roman times. Fountains, all surrounded by statues and pillars. Inside roam the Caesars with wonderful companions. The complex even has a few Roman temples.

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