Chandeliers in the kitchen: the 4 most fashionable style!


Chandelier usually use in General kitchen lighting or to illuminate a dining area. To choose them is given the ceiling height, room size, and the style in which decorated the interior. In the catalogue of the lamps in the kitchen are presented popular modern styles, but in the article we focus on the classics, Provence, country, and Tiffany. Consider how to carry the chandelier to a particular style, and how to choose the right design depending on the size of the kitchen.

Modern styles of bathroom fixtures

To include modern chandeliers modern, minimalist, high-tech, loft. They are characterized by strict geometry, the lack of variegated hues, the use of modern materials (plastic, metal, glass) and versatility. So, many chandeliers have remote control, built-in motion sensors and additional color highlighting. Continued popularity of the classic, delicate Provence, and bright Tiffany. Consider the features of each of these styles:

  1. Classic. Or brass plated frame pendants, crystal, or glass ceiling, the volume and luxury that is synonymous chandeliers, made in classic style. However, the modern interpretation of this style can look quite eclectic, combining elements of restrained loft, eccentric art Deco or romantic Provence. Such chandeliers are more suitable for spacious kitchens, high ceilings and a clear zoning of space.
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  3. Country loft. This style is characterized by wrought iron and wooden elements of the ceiling, made in antique technique. Distinguishing feature is the minimum of decoration, maximum of practicality and style.
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  5. Tiffany. New style, becoming more and more fans. The ceiling is decorated in colorful stained glass, can have different shapes and design, harmoniously combined with forged elements, floral motifs. Make the kitchen both refined and cozy.
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  7. Provence. Loved by many "home" interior. Chandeliers are made in a flower theme, flower arranging can be made of glass lampshades, fabric lampshades painted with floral motifs. Textiles combined with metal or plastic, may be wooden elements.

when Choosing lamps for the kitchen, remember that this is a high humidity environment and a high level of fumes. Therefore, the materials of chandeliers must have the resistance, fat-and dirt repellent properties. On the website chandelier with shade presented in a modern interpretation for each of the described styles.

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