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the spread of the Internet has created a platform, a tool that, in fact, has United the whole world. There are all necessary for study, work or entertainment information, which means that when a certain approach to the process, it is possible to extract from it a very real benefit. If, for example, 5-10 years ago a project like this online store was a real novelty, but today they do not count. Creates a virtual competition to win in which one will offer the best conditions to the customer and create a more effective website. This technical point is often neglected by novice users of the network, although it is critical to positioning the Internet.


By and large, the website is a key element of the Internet, this itself is a cluster in a shared matrix where you can place a specific, structured amount of information. The exact number of pages on the Internet hardly comitati, because even 8 years ago, Google estimated it in the order of 1 trillion. Naturally, in such a huge anthill one page can completely get lost in the eyes of potential visitors. That is why in terms of maximum search efficiency, and convenience of of architecture the main task of any owner.

in addition, you cannot ignore the visual component, because we have, as the saying goes, "clothes make the man". Modern design and functionality are also among the key criteria when you create a site or selection of contractor for similar work.


the Process of creating an online project, in fact, represents the generation of program code based on the theoretical developments. This means that we can implement it in different ways. It is the choice of a particular approach depends on the final cost of the project. Most often, the website is created in the following ways:

  • Cloud. To use a set platform, so the developer usually fit into 3 days. The cost of the project varies between 100-300$, and the site itself has a fairly high level;
  • Template. The so-called budget option, which is based on the finished prototype of the website. To realize such a project can and he is a potential owner, but if you want a really effective sample Internet pages, without the help of professionals is necessary. In this case, the cost will be between 300-1000$. The cost depends on the volume and complexity of works (installation of CMS, replacement of visual and programmatic elements, the filling content, etc.);

    Simplified individual. This site has a small volume, but is created on the technical task. The project takes up to 3-4 weeks and the prices will range on average from 1 to 2 thousand $;

    Classic individual. This is the most comprehensive approach to the creation of the Internet project. it includes all possible stages of development (technical specifications, project documentation, design, adaptation, programming, testing, filling content, etc.). For its implementation you may need 2 months or more when you pay developers from00.

the Amounts, methods and the budget of each project, which performs Studio MGP.UA is discussed individually, allowing you to achieve optimal performance.

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