Learn English and Slovak immigration in the best language school in Slovakia.


Located in Bratislava the capital of Slovakia, language school iCan is one of the best linguistic schools of Eastern Europe. There are created all necessary conditions for comfortable studying most European languages, primarily Slovak and English. Learning efficiency is achieved by eliminating the usual language environment for learning must arrive in Slovakia, and thanks to the individual approach of teachers to each student.

a wide range of different training programs and courses will allow you to find the perfect option for the teenager and for the single adult who cares about his career or the whole family going to move to Slovakia on permanent residence. Present as specialized classes in professional terminology and General Express courses, allowing to obtain the necessary minimum of knowledge for their livelihoods in the Slovak or English language environment.


the Study of languages in every house!

Get an education in Slovakia in a language school iCan can absolutely anyone aged 16 years, which is especially important for young teenagers. And the opportunity to meet with the guys from around the world will allow the teenager to make a lot of useful future contacts and to expand your horizons. On the other hand, never too late to learn, so the gate of our school are open to people of all ages and categories. You are a pensioner, who wishes to make a sharp turn my life and go abroad? Then welcome!

Also, at a language school in addition to the standard training process held and family classes that help you to adapt more quickly when moving. This approach will most quickly and fully immerse into the learning process, because even not being at school, the family will be able to practice learning the language with each other.

the cost of studying in the language school is accessible for any Russian or Ukrainian family of the Slovak prices do not differ from the same in the post-Soviet space, and for small school geeks are always ready to offer various options for discounted or even totally free training. And deciding to send your child to iCan, you can be sure that giving him a chance to take a better place in this world!


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