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Automation installation of gas pagalguenna


Wogegen Ghazi , a nischenkin efektivnim zasobom, borotba s will wognum. The stench dozvolyayut not only Shvidko Bogazici pozhegu, but I zabezpechiti zberezhennya lane, including, viscogliosi for otnosheny to sberkassa: CNNIC papers, kulturnih cnota, electro obladnannya. Effect pagalguenna gazib of zasnovani on rscomp snigeln concentric kinu in oseredku pages.

Automation installation of gas pagalguenna (AFE) predstavljati themselves complex zasobu pagalguenna s vikoristannyam gazovo wagnergasse recovery. By the way, in Moscow simovici AFE possible in campan .


Warehouse avtomatichni installations gas pagalguenna

Automatic installation of gas pagalguenna skladatelja s:

  • Modulu gas pagalguenna;
  • Gazovo wagnergasse recovery;
  • Raspodele to settle down;
  • Nozzles I truboprovodov.

Model gas pagalguenna to the employees for sbergami I to the issue in Truboprovod magnehelic gazib. The stench Rosman in Balon, that obladnannya locking-uskovym pristrom (FP) and a siphon tube. Baloni razreshayutsya material, s yakogo stink vegetables, Ob'mom (from 20 to 100 ltrv) and the tisk (65 : 150 bar). In quality material usually vykorystovuyutsia visokoto legowo steel. Some model below pocket seredini Palmera scho Nada m dodatkowe sticksthe against coros. The design of the locking-pad to attach Mauger Buti takozh rsnow - operate due from prodatron ABO electromagnet. As a rule, model gas pagalguenna sobirautsya in Butare s declich modulu, nonetheless, in primmest small Ob a, Mauger ustanovlyuvalysya I odinochniy module.

The quality of Gazovik magnehelic recover vykorystovuyutsia:

  • Nert Ghazi: nitrogen, argon St h sums mizh themselves (Argent, nergen TA INSHI). Nert Ghazi ye bespechnyj for navkolishn of seredovischa I health protection lyudin;
  • Vuglekislota (CO2). In addition Gusakova vplive, vuglekislota Nada kolodjuka do on cognise pages, zavdyaki otvoreno snhu in a groceryman;
  • Hladani. TSI halogenated vogleman valout great efektivnosti Genna wagny. In addition Genna zvicina materials, stench pridatne for Genna such rechovin, that when horn not vykorystovuyutsia, kisani (some metal I metaloorganic z'dnannya).

Rospoli divice (RP) prisacani to pass wagnergasse recovery s modulu in mistrali Truboprovod ABO mister. Yogo design avla him ventilniy divice from viglyad of trinica, obladnannya suprim valve, and mehanna takozh, scho Tsey dozvola vgcreate valve. Management rospoli pristrom stesnyatsya Mauger Yak distancia (DOPOMOGA elektrycznego signal), so I and designs available ACCOR.

Nozzle ) krzewow point of the gas pipeline Won serve for the issue I roselena wagnering gas warehouse for Yogo rakhunok wlasnego Tesco. Kut roselena becoming 360 . As a rule, the nozzle ustanavlivatsya on steel primmest, however, Razi locally-Ob mno circuit Genna, mozhut ustanovlyuvalysya that in HIH mstah.

Truboprovody avtomatichni installation of gas pagalguenna to the employees to transport gas from raspodele attach to the nozzles. Peretin Truboprovod guilty zabezpecovaci shvidki pavelena gas in the area sagarana. In pagegeneration areas used Stalev truboprovody, z'dnannya modulu s masterlink pipeline or a collector, also dopustimo zastosuvannya reincarna slang high tisku.

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