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Legal translation of texts in recent times it has become popular and in demand service, which is necessary for many citizens of any country. Also this service is used not only individuals, but also legal, in particular companies operating internationally. And then talk about how when and to whom may require such a translation.


why the need For legal translation?

Translation is needed:

  1. citizens traveling outside their state for further accommodation, training or work. In this case requires interpretation of the entire package of documents, e.g. passports, marriage certificates, statements of diploma, birth certificate, etc. In this case such a transfer should be not only held, but also notarized, as all documents are legal in nature and must be lawful. In this case, without the help of a specialist can not do, just translations notary-certified will not be legitimate;
  2. companies that conduct international cooperation. With this collaboration are the international Treaty, accepted the bill, put forward claims, etc. This is quite a complicated legal process, for which little to be a linguist and perfectly know the language of the country that still need to be a qualified specialist in the field of international law, to understand the peculiarities of legal regulations of both countries with functioning entities; the

  3. in other cases when you need accurate translation and while he had confirmed the legal accuracy and truthfulness contained in the document data.

Who are doing translation?

But where to apply for a transfer? After all, companies offering such services in the domestic market are numerous, and each undertakes to fulfill all accurately and on time with minimal price.

first you must understand that such services may not be cheap. Qualified, which in addition to perfect mastery of language, and even works in the field of law and, if necessary, in the field of Economics may not take for their work is not enough. This work, which usovershenstvuetsya years, it is somewhat higher educated and is not as invested in development money.

second, it is better to contact the large companies that have in their Arsenal a team of professionals who can together make a perfectly correct and precise translation.

third, you need to understand whether you need only the translation of text documents, or you also need notarization. As in the first case you can do a good linguist, and second, you must look for a company which concurrently operates both a translator and a notary because, as a rule, separately notaries are not always ready to put his signature on the finished translation.


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