GDZ or why do we need a theatre company?


Reshebnik enables the student to greatly enrich their lives. It is not needed for trivial cheating, and directly to check of student knowledge.

year after Year the curriculum becomes harder and harder. To the skills and knowledge students are placing large demands. As a result, adolescents and children absolutely no free time for sports, socializing, and games. Now is of almost all school subjects, starting from class 2 all the way to 11th. By the way, to find any on the site


GDZ: What is it?

Willing homework assignments (they are the same theatre company), created in accordance with the textbooks used for teaching in schools. In these manuals all decisions have comments, so the student will be able to explain all their actions. Choosing GDZ need to pay attention to the publisher, the author and the year of issue. For example, in mathematics often choose reshebnik Vilenkin, English theatre company Biboletovoy, and in the Russian language reshebnik Ladyzhenskaya. Choosing reshebnik better to check the solution directly with your textbook.


what reshebnik students?

not all items are equally given to the students. Some of them are of interest and give the children pleasure, and the 2nd lead them into depression. The use of theatre company gives the child the opportunity to gradually develop the curriculum, while not sitting behind books all day long and without stress. However, this does not mean that the child has to write the answers, without understanding at the same time in essence Sami tasks.

Keys can be used to verify the correctness of his own decisions. Agree that it was a shame to give lessons a lot of time and get low grades due to not correctly solved tasks.Also, GDZ can be a great cheat sheet on the next exam, test or independent work.


what reshebnik parents?

Thanks GDZ parents can easily control the knowledge of their own children.

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