Earpieces: types, purpose, characteristics


the Vast majority of headsets for listening to audio tracks or simply headphones are wired. They consist of radiators (have direct contact with your ear), plug for connection to sound source (usually a 3.5 mm mini jack) and the wires that connect both nodes. This arrangement has good sound characteristics, but often uncomfortable to wear and is noticeable to everyone around. In situations where discretion is paramount, it is better to use a wireless headset, such as from the Belarusian company MicraBY.

what feature?

Audio track that is played through headphones, can have different content, meaning and, so to speak, the level of secrecy. For example, if a person listens to music audiobooks, learning materials have to hide he has no reason and it is possible to do a wired headset.

the Situations when it is not desirable to see around headset, abound in everyday life without even touching the spheres of law enforcement. For example, the same exam where the crib will not blow over, and take it anyway. Based on the stated conditions, the earpieces must meet the following requirements:

  • first, the absence of any wires, that is, the use of technology the transmission of data through bluetooth;
  • the
  • second, minimization of the size of the headset, to when it is placed in the ear, it remained invisible to others;
  • the
  • thirdly, the presence of a special antenna module, which is usually worn under clothing and provides the connection between the earpiece and the base station (e.g., smartphone).


All the existing models of the micro can be divided into two groups depending on the form and method of signal conversion:


    Capsule. Have a conical or similar shape. Resemble normal vacuum in-ear headphones, more precisely, that part of them which is directly placed in the ear. Overall size in length can vary depending on the model, but in principle is within. Have a built-in membrane that converts electromagnetic vibrations, and thus transmits sound;

    Magnetic. Are miniature cylindrical magnets (dimensions rarely exceed 1-2 mm), devoid of any electronic filling. They are placed deep in the ear canal with the help of special devices. The principle of operation is based on the excitation of electromagnetic waves.

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