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"Like a lot of light! Like a lot of air!" say even the most hard-nosed skeptic, when you cross the threshold . The structure, in which 30% of the surface of the facade is wood, and 70% glazing, have a surprisingly beautiful and extraordinary aura. Here everything seems to be weightless and transparent. Breathe in this house freely and easily and there is not felt border. Such unity of nature with the home space allows the residents to feel incomparable freedom. This home is characterized by plenty of light and space.

the Main feature of the houses made of wood and glass is the application of hard wooden supporting framework of braces, beams and struts, direct and lean connection elements of the type "tree" and also roof. This technology does not use nails and other metal fasteners, which destroy wood. This gives you the opportunity to achieve high reliability of the technology itself and the extraordinary strength of the structure.

In this case, the entire burden falls on the wooden structure. Thus, the walls are not loaded, resulting in internal dividers you can place as you like, because the exterior walls and structural frame independent. That is why projects such houses are varied. Also, in these homes allowed the use of large Windows.

Hard wood frame makes it possible to apply large glass panels, eventually the house comes to a very light (almost transparent). Such an abundance of glass directly in front of the house gives its architectural appearance: lightness, elegance and charm. All the houses are bright and unique. Also, thanks to this architectural style, the interior of the house has a very elegant design.

the House of glass and wood are produced at the plant and directly on the construction site, they come in ready, but disassembled. It remains only to combine the house, as a designer, and enjoy the unity with nature, and the extraordinary beauty of the building itself.

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