Complaints from customers: is it good or bad?

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the majority of people will say that the complaint is clearly bad. At 1st glance it is. Of course, this is a super, if there is not a single complaint from customers, but with 2nd hand, in real life this happens only in 2 cases, when: the company has very few customers or none at all.

In fact, the only fairy tale is such that customers are absolutely satisfied with everything, in reality, there are always people who something (it could be even insignificant detail), but do not like.


do I Need a purely negative attitude to complaints?

of Course not! The complaint is just an excuse to show your dissatisfied customers, what unique methods your company care about the satisfaction of their desires, as well as its advantage against the competitors. It is necessary to pay attention to all complaints, without exception, thanks to them you will be able to establish contact with their customers. A complaint should be seen as a form of feedback that helps to quickly react to the cons of your company in order to meet the needs of its customers. Today in the Global Web you can even find specialized , for example, where you can find complaint directly to your company and to draw the appropriate conclusions.


What are the statistics?

Remember: only 10% of your customers potentially unable to Express their dissatisfaction, but the other 90 percent the next time you simply will not come. Therefore, all complaints should be treated seriously, it is quite possible that it could alienate a certain number of your customers.

According to statistics, a satisfied customer tells about his favourite company (products, service) 8 own friends, but dissatisfied – 20. That is why, if possible, should try to satisfy the complaint. I must say that there are people that will complain about everything and to please them is just unreal, but whatever it was, counter-advertising is also advertising that can attract attention to your company. However in this case it is absolutely not the kind of attention you need, it is better to try to recover dissatisfied customers incurred UserB.



All customers are important is the satisfaction of their needs, with it without risk, that's why your job is to provide it. No need to be sorry for the costs incurred because the 1st place is your company's reputation, which directly affects your future income.

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