How to learn a language without leaving home?


Our society at all levels was most open to international cooperation. In principle, a person is free to choose his place of rest, circle of friends, business connections, etc. But in each of these examples is not to dispense knowledge of a foreign language. The objective reality is that despite studying it at school or University, the vast majority of the respondents need extra classes, which almost always has no time. Yield in this situation may be remote lessons during which the teacher and trainees do not have direct physical contact, such as tutoring center School of Alfa Ukraine.


If we consider the traditional approach to language training, the client will have to attend classes several times a week, paying a subscription for a certain period, e.g. a month. Due to the personal contact with the teacher, debriefing, etc. the results promise to be quite high. Of course, all depends on the abilities and personal interest, but the fact remains.

This option is not for everyone, due to personal or collective employment, distance courses, failing to attend classes regularly and to a number of objective reasons. Choosing remote teaching methods from Alfa School, you can solve several problems at once:

  • first, you can engage in at home, in a comfortable atmosphere;
  • the
  • secondly, the sessions last exactly so much, how much and when the customer wants;
  • the
  • third, the opportunity to book a trial lesson, completely free to decide to nominate teachers;
  • the
  • fourth, despite the availability of teaching materials and homework, a big part of the lesson is a real communication;
  • the
  • fifth, each of our teachers has many years of experience, internships abroad or is a native speaker.

This list could go on and on, because of the obvious advantages of this method are more than enough.

start training

in order to make the first step on the road to improve their own level of English via Skype, you don't need much. It is sufficient to choose a teacher, pay for 10 sessions, after specifying the time of their conduct. If for some reason the lesson breaks down, it is necessary in advance to warn the teacher and move it to a more convenient time. All prices and principles of cooperation are freely available on the center's website.

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