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Having your own web page online or a full-fledged resource - it's not a whim, but an objective necessity. For its operation you need certain equipment which is not always beneficial to purchase. Yes and it was okay. Of course, the adequate server capacity for any, even the slightest of the project, it is also a luxury. That is why services such as VPS or are creating a virtual resource is enough demand.

What is a virtual server?

If you do not delve too much into technical details, any server is the same personal computer, only much more powerful. Accordingly, it requires auxiliary equipment for maintenance which, in turn, need to allocate a physical area. It is clear that to allocate a full car for each client host can not - squares are not impossible to satiate.

In such a situation resort to the procedure of the emulation of the physical server. That is, one machine creates virtual copies of several servers that the functionality is not different from the real. Each copy is independent.

the Types of virtual hosting

In practice, there are two basic types of such resources:

  • VPS or Virtual Private Server, which provides emulation at the level of the server OS;
  • the
  • VDS or Virtual Dedicated Server, creating a virtual copy at the hardware level.

In the case of VPS emulation is only available at the operating system level of the basic machine. This is usually used FreeBSD Jail, OpenVZ or other similar operating system. As a consequence, the user provides much of administrative law, but he can't change the core software (OS reinstall, etc).

Virtualization VDS involves the physical allocation of hardware resources. That is, the user is provided separate storage space, part of the capacity of the CPU, RAM, etc. Emulation is done by VMWare, KVM, etc. Such an approach is that the user actually has the ability to make system changes in a work machine (to change OS, BIOS setup).

these solutions are ideal for customers hosting features, network features, which exceed the normal capabilities of servers, or you want to place the projects with high confidential security.

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