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it is hard to find such person who would have been completely satisfied with their appearance, anthropometric, physical data. This is especially true of women, who by definition are considered to be the beautiful half of society. That's why professional beauticians always have customers for the efficient service which you just need to organize the work. During the procedures you need to use a lot of tools, consumables, tools that you need to constantly keep on hand. In such a situation professional from COSMOTRADE is practically an indispensable thing.

a Vital necessity

the Environment in which you have to work a beautician, was briefly described above. Obviously the use during procedures a vast number of materials and tools associated with the disorder in the workplace, unless of course, initially, not to set up your working place properly. Cosmetic tables are demanded in a professional environment, at least for the following reasons:


    Compact. Average a bigger table is a bedside table with a sliding or rotating sections. This allows you to gather everything you need for work in one place, freeing up space of the Cabinet;

    Mobility. The presence of the swivel wheels allows you to easily move the "working place" within the Cabinet;

    Hygiene. Tools are always where you need, and are not scattered around the room. This prevents the accumulation of dirt and infections;

    Security. Place all tools and supplies on the shelves, which also closed to prevent their extinction.


Given the fact that the market represented a huge number of different cosmetic tables, there is a natural precedent of choice. It is obvious that to focus on subjective features. First, you need at least roughly indicate the quantity, volume and weight of tools/materials that you plan to work. This is necessary from the point of view that every table has its geometric dimensions and load limits. Secondly, ergonomics, ease of control, movement. Thirdly, a great role is the design and the materials from which made the table (which is a guarantee of durability). And of course, one cannot ignore the financial time, because ultimately, it is the price of the table can be a major obstacle, or Vice versa incentive to purchase.

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