Sharm El-Sheikh: the main beaches of the famous resort


the Last time our compatriots, who like to travel abroad, have become very popular . And it's not weird, all the avid travelers, sooner or later, pulls into a country of eternal sunshine. In our article we will talk about the beaches in this Egyptian resort.

Sharm El-Sheikh is a real Kingdom of the coral, so special attention should be paid to exactly what kind of beach are waiting for you in the selected hotel. Very often, the corals start right from the shore and guests can swim from pontoons, and there are places where no rubber Slippers in the water just not go.


Naama Bay

Here the beaches can be considered a "conditionally-sand": initially, there were whole colonies of coral, but in certain areas they were cut down to delight the tourists, and you can now without a single fear to enter here into the water barefoot. These sections of the beach marked with buoys. But in other places not everywhere you can swim without Slippers, because there is a huge risk to step on some marine animals with spines or wounded about the remains of a coral colony.


Sharm El-Maya

the Only resort full of sandy beaches located in the area of Sharm El Maya. They are covered with fine Golden sand - no coral here. The sunset in the water here is quite shallow, and the shallow water continues far away. All the beaches of Sharm El Maya is divided into twenty-six individual sections and each of them is sponsored by a particular hotel. All the beaches are equipped with all necessary facilities. Some beaches have pontoons, which directly have the opportunity to look at marine life.


shark Bay

Here the beaches are 100 % coral to enter the water here from a purely pontoons, which, in turn, discharge into the sea directly behind the line of reef. The abundance of marine life and clear waters will appeal to fans of diving, but for families with children, there will not be very comfortable, since to splash in the shallow water at these beaches will not work. However, some hotels on their beaches cleared of spec. "presatellite" for children, which are marked by buoys.



Here at the sunset in the water - the beaches are sandy, and then after a couple of tens of meters, kicks off a coral stripe. These beaches are just perfect for the little traveler, who can spend hours splashing around in shallow water, but adults need sneakers to go to a sufficient depth, so that when sailing not to scratch his knees. Remember: in Nabq strongly expressed the ebb and flow, and often a very strong wind blowing.



Here the coral sand beaches and colonies of coral starts close to shore. Adult swim here at low tide either with pontoons or a surge in rubber Slippers right from the shore. Shallow water for children are available everywhere: there are beaches where corals come live close to the water's edge.


RAS Umm El sid

Depth here starts almost immediately from the shore. In the sea there must come into spec. shoes; swim over the coral with a snorkel and mask can be directly with pontoons. The beaches here are very narrow, which is why tourists are accommodated and special. decks-terraces, which to the sea it is necessary to descend the stairs. Some hotels raised parts of the beaches from the coral, so that the children could be used.

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