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a Variety of massage techniques present in the Arsenal of almost every nation in the world. They help to relieve stress, fatigue, and muscle tone, elevate mood, and even cure certain ailments. But not so often mentioned in the society , which is an indispensable tool of sexual life of every normal family. In General, it is part of foreplay, for purposes of relaxation, enjoyment and a great training ground for the onset of full-fledged orgasm. In addition to the family cell, such techniques and practice in different massage parlors.


Erotic massage like any other massage techniques, suggests the tactile effect on the body of the partner/client, some of its points. It also favorably affects the skin and internal organs, stimulates metabolism and energy.

unlike traditional techniques where exposure occurs through the hands, in this case, can be used all parts of the body. It is actively involved touching, kissing, hugging, combined with music and aromatic accompaniment.

Another feature of erotic massage is the freedom of space. In order for him to do, no need to lay a log on the sofa or massage table. It offers bed, bath, nature, etc.

Types and techniques

Despite the fact that erotic massage is a free technique that is not bound to specific rules, regulations and depends entirely on the desires of the partners, there are individual practices, which include:


    Thai. Different effect on all parts of the body with particular emphasis on the erogenous zones and in particular the genitals;

    This. It is not difficult to guess, in this case, the action is transferred to the filled with hot water and bubble bath. The effect occurs due to the body slide the body;

    Tantra. As the name suggests, during its execution will involve a variety of Indian motifs and an appropriate atmosphere. In the same way as in the case of Thai massage, special attention is paid to exposure of the genitals and other erogenous zones;

    Japanese. This style is also called Sakura, and it lies in the active use of the tongue and lips.

This list could go on and on, but the important thing to understand is that erotic massage is performed in order to obtain pleasure.

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