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economically base of any country, including Ukraine, is a huge amount of information. She is constantly improving, changing, to correspond to the real state of things in society. But because most ordinary citizens are too low legal culture, training, at the right time have to seek the advice of lawyers. This is, firstly, the expert can help only a professional, who go and look for another. Secondly, all this will definitely cost a pretty penny, as the consultation services of good lawyers is quite high. The real yield in this situation may be the service of online consultations, which can be obtained on the web Legal U.

the Main advantage of legal consultation online is the ability to obtain it at any time convenient for you, without rising from his chair. To do this, just only need to have a PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone or any other gadget that provides the possibility of access to the Internet. The potential client you just need to go to the official website of the U in the Legal section to Ask a question . The corresponding button located on the home page at the bottom right. Activates the window login where you will be prompted to enter a valid e-mail address and password (for registered users) or register. The latter, incidentally, are available through profile social networks Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter.

After login open form of application in which the user will be prompted to select the section of the legislation, to formulate the question itself (it is possible to download text and media files) and web contact details. At the end of the form there is a choice of financial category, the question is - paid or free. In the first case there is the possibility of entering the amount the user is willing to offer the lawyer-adviser for the decision of your question. It is obvious that the questions had to be paid are resolved more quickly, but it is, in any case, does not affect the quality of advice.

the List of issues that can be resolved through Legal U, includes sections civil, family, labor, military, criminal law, consumer protection, etc. Team web resource is large enough and experienced that allows us to advise clients in the shortest possible time at the highest level.

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