Sewing for yourself is not so difficult


the World has become more open and today there is no such shortage in the goods, as in the days of the USSR, which is like to remember our parents. Many designers and fashion houses constantly generate new trends and collections to the society is changing. However, if you do not wish to go with the flow, and strive to realize their own ideas, then it's time to visit "Tailor". Our staff offers to every potential listener a great opportunity to learn and develop their creativity and technical skills of tailoring garments. Our graduates are absolutely free and wealthy people, because they do not need to look for shopping outfits - they can create them.

training Programmes

depending on the level of basic training of the student or their goals, he can choose one of 6 proposed programmes of study:

  • Courses of cutting and sewing (basic and advanced). Here our students learn the theory of pattern making and construction of different styles, fabrics and methods of handling and practical skills with a sewing equipment;
  • the
  • the Course is modeling of clothes for children. This program is designed for those who can not or do not want to constantly chase the prices at the children's closet;
  • the
  • training of a professional tailor. This program should pay attention to all who have the basic skills of cutting and sewing already mastered, and there is a desire to realize their professional;
  • the
  • Modeling with tattoos. This is a completely different level that will allow the graduate to learn how to take your measurements and make a future outfit on a mannequin, without the use of templates and drawings;
  • the
  • Individual course. This program is suitable for those students who because of objective reasons can not attend group classes at a set time.


the Courses of cutting and sewing

these include two training programs: basic/primary / advanced. Both courses have a duration of 12 calendar weeks, or 3 months. Classes are typically 2 times a week and last up to 3 hours, that is, the entire program will have to spend 72 hours of their time. In addition, anyone can attend even a two-week examination preparation, or rather, practice.

Basic programs give students an understanding of the fashion industry, as such, in its terminology, equipment. Imparted knowledge and understanding of materials/fabrics, their selection criteria and combinations. Can not do without the theory and practice of the removal of the measurements, modeling, designing and cutting pieces.

Advanced course will give an understanding of how to work with linings and create different types of clothes.

children Modeling clothing

within 5 weeks our students will learn all the main features of the design and tailoring of clothes for children from newborn to Teens. This category has its own distinctive features, but more importantly, it is not as stable as an adult. The fact that the child is constantly growing, and therefore his closet needs to be updated regularly. I think it is not worth the extra time to remind you how to profit from this wholesale and retail network.


This course will be an excellent basis for those who are already somewhat familiar with the features of cutting and sewing, has some experience and, in principle, not opposed to transfer these knowledge and skills in a professional way. This can build a good, self-supporting and even profitable business but you need to clearly understand that you have to consider a lot of things. That is why, in the training program included such things as the peculiarities of garment production, the details of tailoring various types of clothing to achieve highest quality.

Modeling tattoos

that Is to say, aerobatics in a cut and sewing, which will allow, in principle, to abandon the patterns, blanks, formulas, and drawings. Graduates of this course will be able to easily create clothes based on the model's silhouette, which gives the opportunity to better perceive the information and take into account all features of the figure.

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