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a musculoskeletal system of a person is unique in its complexity, mechanics and the role a product of evolution. The combination of large and small bones, joints and muscles keeps all bodies and also allows you to make the whole available range of motion. But such perfection does not mean that the person is insured from different kinds of diseases and injuries in this area. On the contrary, with the kind of life that leads modern society, the Israel medical center Meir, for many becomes the only place where you can solve problems.

Why Israel?

Naturally, the doctors, and specialty clinics Department of orthopaedic profile in every region of Russia. But frankly, Doge centers at the Federal level often do not have the proper techniques, equipment and specialists for high-quality treatment of diseases and injuries of locomotor apparatus.
on the Contrary, in Israel the quality and support of medicine is a task that is just as important as defense. No wonder, according to statistics in this country on health care is allocated more than 8% of GDP, which is one of the highest rates in the world. In addition, historically, this country has very close relations with Russia and the remaining members of the former Soviet Union.

architecture and features

a Medical centre, and part of the Institute of orthopedics, Meir is one of the largest and most reputable medical institutions of this profile. The list of questions that are solved here is quite broad: one only complex operations on fractures of tibia and fibula here annually more than five hundred.
the Center is a leader in the following areas:

  • joint replacement;
  • the
  • Surgical treatment of the extremities, including the reconstruction of the tendons and the full range of traumatic conditions;
  • the
  • Orthopedic and conservative treatment of shoulder, knee, ankle and other joints;
  • the
  • Pathology, disease, injury, child musculoskeletal system;
  • the
  • Sports medicine and rehabilitation.

At the center there's a branch of medical tourism, which allows citizens of other countries, including Russia, not only to solve health problems but also to relax.

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