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Time can not be reversed. It flies forward, leaving behind minute, clock, weeks, years of our lives, which we often do not have time or do not know how to rejoice. To create in your own interior a spirit of the time, the wisdom of centuries of history and at the same time to control it for will help fine - the chronograph that has become a work of art.

a true Story and present

the Homeland of these chronographs can be considered to be the abode of the aristocracy of our world, the United Kingdom or simply the UK. Here are some of the oldest and largest outdoor, precise - ground, hours in the world - the legendary big Ben.

Use them interior, as a stationary model, originated about the 15th century. In appearance, the selection of materials room model tried to "imitate" his big cousin and symbol of London. They were quite tall and massive, as used in the manufacture of parts from iron and brass. The dial is usually divided into 4 sectors, which caused a huge error, sometimes up to half an hour.

the Situation changed with the invention of the pendulum in the 17th century that allowed for a more precise and compact mechanism, the housing for which was a wooden frame. Including these clock has reached our times, continuing to be appreciated all over the world.

All new - well forgotten old

our world, everything has a tendency of recurrence, adding to popularity, then faded away. Outdoor clock is not threatened in principle, because they are the classic model, if we talk and procedure in General. The design of these chronographs virtually unchanged since the 17th century, however, there are some features that bright national colour is:

  • Anglo-French clock. Have "growth" under 2 m and three basic components: base, stem and cap;
  • German variants in comparison with its neighbors have more restrictive aristocratic layout. Dominated by straight lines and minimalism. Different loud sound.

whatever the selected model, her presence in the house, it will give an atmosphere of aristocracy. Such clock fit perfectly in any interior (living room, hall, bedroom, etc), advantageously increasing its value. The owner of this luxurious piece of furniture can rightly be considered a connoisseur of art.

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