What is parquet?

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This kind of flooring has a rather complicated structure, that is with a pair of bonded along seams. The most common option is a three-layer Board with protective (oil, lacquer) coating on top.

All layers are placed with their fibers at an angle of 90 degrees with respect to adjacent layers, which in turn attaches to the floorboard the greatest resistance to external climate and mechanical stress. By the way, buy cheap you can in the online store: wood-idea.in.ua.


Structure of the floorboard:

  • Front layer. The attractiveness of the floorboard directly depends on the surface layer. Make it from veneer of valuable breeds of wood, of a thickness of 0.5 - 6 mm. the Most common model has a thickness of 4 mm,
  • Stratum. It's the middle part of the floorboard which is made of pine (sometimes of tropical wood or poplar) and is laid so that its fibers made an angle of 90 degrees with the fibers of the other layers. The average thickness of this layer is around 8 - 9 mm;
  • Substrate. This part of the floorboard make homogeneous. Basically, it is made of soft wood (pine, spruce, cedar). The thickness of the substrate is around 1.5 mm and it is placed at an angle of 90 degrees to the layer.

Features and variety of the parquet boards

the External features of this flooring is directly dependent on the choice of material. There is a view of the material of the front layer which is made of the 1st and the same wood.

take into account the texture of the wood, its color, the presence of sapwood, burls, etc., and, on this basis, there are the following collections:

  • nature;
  • select;
  • rustic.

Natures has different color combinations can be bitches, has the greatest breadth of use.

select consists of identical structure and colour of the straps. On it you will not find knots and other defects. The picture is almost monochromatic. Often, selekt used making the interior of the house in a classic style.

rustic is quite catchy and colorful product, in which you can observe as knots and cracks. Perfect for a rustic home interior is in country style.

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