What to do if money was stolen from you card?

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stealing money from the bank card

The number of registered electronic crimes in our country over the past year has increased in comparison with 2011 almost by one third. stealing money from the bank cardMoreover cyberattacks is not only a problem in the Russian - the tendency to their growth is observed everywhere. According to recently adopted law the bankers were obliged to return the money before making a decision on results of the investigation, but credit institutions have requested postponements. What to do if you suddenly discovered, that significant sum disappeared from your bank account ?

Transfer of arrows
stealing money from the cardThe most massive and profitable kind of theft is withdraw of funds from the accounts of organizations and individuals. According to the latest data, their quantity in 2012 increased by almost 70% in comparison with 2011.
But cardholders, apparently, will still wait long for the banking refunds of "fraudulent" withdrawal funds from their accounts. It was planned that this amendment to the federal law "About the national payment system"  Protection of bank cardswill come into force at the end of the last year, however, financial institutions have asked to postpone this moment. Date of entry into force of such standards was moved at least a year.
According to new regulations of the law, banks would be required to return the affected customers stolen through systems of Internet- banking stealing of the money from the bank cardfunds, even before making a decision by investigation results. Nemanja Nikitovich (managing director of Optima Infosecurity) tells: the acceptance delay indirectly suggests that "in our country, the balance between the appropriate level of convenience of the users of Internet services and the appropriate level of information security has not yet been reached".
As was planned - the law had to shift the burden of proof on the banking organization. But the long-awaited amendments do not work. Databases of credit institutions needs serious update.bank card, ATM SMS-notifications on the status of the account and performed on it operations is still considered a paid service, but soon it will be provided by financial organizations absolutely free.
In any case, all the problems can not be solved by the only one law. N. Nikitovich adds: " laws only will help to cope with the consequences, but after all there are also preventivebank cards measures that are also important. Every day hackers skills are increasingly being improved, and therefore is needed to implement more and more perfect products of information security", - also he assuming, that initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the organization of counteraction to electronic attacks, eventually will be thus impulse, that will lead to the appearance of new solutions on the market of information security.

On your own
Protection of bank cardBecause its not necessary yet to hope on banks, it remains for cardholders to seek the return of funds on their own.
First of all, activate the service of SMS-notifications on the movement of funds in your bank account. In such a case, you can quickly get information about that the money was stolen, and the earlier this information will come, the more chances for money comeback. Bank cardMoreover, such notifications will allow to extremely rapidly block a card, thus maintaining part of the funds. The fact of the blocking of bank card  upon further investigation may play into the hands of the customer.
Generally, the use of a bank card is obviously unsafe deal. Especially in our countryб where you still needs to prove, that the funds were stolen by swindlers and has not been spent by the cardholders.
Bank card POS-terminalIf the theft nevertheless has occurred, then you should not harbor specific illusions about that bankers will return the money. No such possibility exists, nevertheless, its better to wait nothing.
For successful results of investigation the client himself will have to provide evidence of his innocence. Moreover everything can be helpful: from recorded phone conversations with bank employees up to an extract of accounts, which shows the zero balance.
Bank card POS-terminalOnce all the evidence will be collected, the client who was thieved should immediately contact the bank. There, you will need to write a statement, which has challenged a last transactions without forgetting to indicate a specific sum. That, in general, is all. It will remain only to wait for the bank's decision, and this usually takes about three months.
By the way, together with statement you will have to give the bank employees the card itself, while it will be extremely important to have a copy of the banking contract for its maintenance.
Its logical to assume, that credit institution will investigate your case for a long time, and therefore, wasted no time, you should seek the assistance of other organizations.
stealing of the money from the bank cardFirst, you should contact the the police station and provide there a statement in which  the entire situation will be described in detail. In exchange you'll need to get ticket-notification, which will confirm that your statement was accepted and registered.
Only the court can help in the case, if the bank will refuse to return the money. You will have to prepare a statement of claim, adding to it all gathered evidence of your innocence. You should necessarily submit a statement to the court, which is located in close proximity to your place of residence. If the credit institution has prescribed in the contract its own place of possible conducting of court proceedings, then you should know, that this is a direct violation of law and your consumer rights.

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