What is a grease trap?


in all the sewage lines from time to time there are such problems as:

  • clogs and blockages;
  • leaks.

And who is the culprit of the appearance of blockages? They often appear because of improper operation, through the fault of the users themselves. How can I eliminate the blockage? The reason the majority of all sewer blockages are zarastaniya" or clogging of sewer pipes. Usually this happens in the custom pipeline, the 1st and foremost, due to falling oil - and fat-containing wastewater directly to the sewer pipe.

the flow of the pipeline should eliminate the special services, since the latter in most cases appear due to incorrect installation or improper design of engineering networks. Only a small proportion of leaks appears on the guilt of operators, and the priority the majority of them are the result of an accident or disaster.

Separator fats

in Order to prevent such situation it is necessary to use such sewer equipment, separators of fats. In everyday life they are called: zerolevel, grease separator, , jealousy, grease trap.

clean the Grease traps sewage directly from fractions of fat and insoluble solids that enter the sewer piping and sewer main is displayed in the system of trade enterprises, enterprises of public catering (restaurants, cafes), production, food industry, cutting plants.

the need for the use of the Grease traps need to use because they prevent the accumulation on the walls of the duct fat is not dissolved substances, which in turn can lead to accidents and damage to the Sewerage system. In addition, these devices also prevent the ingress of heavy fractions of sewage and oil directly in the external sewage system.

Add household fat separator under a sink (in a restaurant or cafe) or industrial underground separator fats (food industry) provides sewer pipes with reliable protection, which in turn prevents accidents and, as a result, unexpected costs directly to the repair of utilities.

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