Pearl jewelry - a truly natural beauty


In this article we will talk about pearls. Despite the great and precious stones in nature, it is still considered a gemstone of organic origin. The marketing of natural pearls is illegal, and its production is directly considered poaching. That is why absolutely all of the pearl jewelry that you will find on the market, including luxury jewelry with pearls made with cultured pearls. But now the technology of cultivation of pearls similar to natural, so grown with this method with a pearl - a real design and its characteristics is not inferior to natural, and sometimes even exceed them.

Pearl color palette is very diverse (she includes shades of pink, blue, black etc. colors). The most common colors of pearls are cream and white. The size of the pearl depends directly on the time of his stay at the conch shell (by the way, it is increased by 1 every 3-year ri for 1 mm). From all this it follows that the longer the pearl stays in the shell of the mollusk, the more expensive it is, as each new ball of nacre makes it more expressive and more transparent. By the way, buy unique .


is the Most famous pearls in the world:

  • Pearl of Allah (aka the pearl of Lao Tzu) is the greatest pearl in the world. It has a diameter of 238 mm;
  • Pearl Large southern Cross is a unique education consisting of 9 gems that fused into the form of a cross;
  • Gesuina of Hope (aka the pearl of hope) this is 1 of the largest pearls in the world. It weighs 450 carats. Among other famous pearls it stands out for its unique and irregular teardrop shape, and color, smoothly passing from greenish-bronze to silver-white.

Modern masterpieces of pearls is a bright, very feminine, individual jewelry, which is able to make its owner a real Queen.

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