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Over the last century, under the influence of two world wars and the constant local conflicts has dramatically changed tactics, strategy and battle technique. Instead of a dense system going for you and complete a gentleman of spirit, cavalry attacks with his sword unsheathed, into the arena of hostilities came the armored vehicles, aviation and mass small arms. The suddenness of action of these compounds is guaranteed accurate intelligence preparation of the base, which are engaged in petty sabotage-reconnaissance groups. The main thing for them - stealth, so a staff weapon need to be upgraded or retrofitted at the expense of the devices silent shooting, as for example, the Nikols company .

What's UMS?

anyone who has ever in your life picked up a Kalashnikov (AK) and fired it, probably remember not only the performance, but the loud sound of a gunshot. It does not affect the technical characteristics weapons and certainly not important in the classic small battle.

For intelligence units and troops Spetsnaz this feature of regular weapons is perhaps the main drawback. Given that subversive groups are not only groups of special forces, but also from combined arms to arm their polls expensive specialized weapons (Vintorez, Val) no one will.

the Solution can be the use of devices for low-noise shooting (UMS), which involved different companies, including Nikols . In General the silencer is a muzzle attachment of a mechanical type which is designed to dampen the sound of the shot and to hide the flame from the combustion of the powder gases.

Cause and effect

When you develop your own UMS, the company's specialists Nikols take into account the characteristics of each weapons, which are sound sources:

  • to Trigger mechanisms (trigger, firing pin, bolt, fuse, etc.), particularly for rifles automatic and semi-automatic weapons;
  • the
  • Movement of air and of powder gases in the barrel. In most cases, gases in the shot are moving with the bullet, but some of them ahead of it, creating a distinctive sound;
  • the Shock wave. Is formed in the case that the bullet leaves the barrel faster than sound.

All these reasons have different impacts on the overall acoustic characteristics of a shot, depending on the weapons and ammunition. Therefore, on the production capacities of the company are created in UMS with a diameter from 31 to 49 mm, length from 145 to 345 mm, designed for cartridges of the caliber of .22LR (5,6 15,6 mm) up to .338 (8,6 70 mm).

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