Diesel generators


live or stay in the village, in the country, that is, away from "civilization" is associated with the risk of a power outage, the restoration that can occur is not as fast as in the city. In such circumstances the only proper way to ensure of autonomy are that can be purchased at the store of VIR ELECTRICIAN.

power Selection

it is Obvious that the main technical feature of any diesel generator is electric power. It allows the unit to effectively cover all normal and peak loads. The choice of generator power begins with the definition of the same indicator every consumer powered network.
If, for example, a small country house, then you need to consider all the lighting and appliances, and that is all that is powered by electricity.

Calculated their total capacity, and then given 20-25% of the stock is selected on the generator. For example, if the power of the domestic network is 2.5 kW, the minimum required generator power - 3,125 kW. In this case, the selected setting with the nearest greater standard value of the parameter, for example, 3.3 kW.

installation Location

By this criterion, all the generators are divided into open and closed. Accordingly, the first on the street, and the second will have to equip a special room. For street options still have to take care of shelter in case of rain, pouring the Foundation, heating system in winter. For the interior need to seriously work on the ventilation system supply air and removal of flue exhaust gases.

Additional terms

Given the wide range of power our generators on their basis it is possible to create a source of standby and Prime power, as a small country house and large commercial facility. Depending on the type of tasks our DG can be equipped with additional options:

  • Soundproof weatherproof covers. Used for DG open type, to provide protection from the elements, mainly rain and comfortable to others;
  • the
  • AVR. Automatic start system, transfer switch used for the automatic connection of DG to the network, disabling the main power supply;
  • the
  • heating System. Also needed for installations located outside the specially equipped areas. Their main purpose is engine preheating in winter;
  • the
  • Additional tanks. Required to prolong the operating time of DG on one filling.

Diesel generators from VIR ELEKTRIK can be purchased at the optimum for the region price, given the capacity, type, packaging and delivery.

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