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Events in the modern world is developing so rapidly that without Internet resources, it is difficult to be aware of what is happening. Especially when it comes to such mega popular phenomenon of the UEFA Champions League or UEFA . Super clubs, the best in Europe and the world players, incredible dribbling, intricate tactics and passions from beginning to end. All this and much more is waiting for you on our website.

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Everyone knows that football is one of the most popular sports on the planet (and if you believe the official statistics, the most). Every day in this environment can sometimes be a lot of events from games played to loud and not very good transfers. All this somehow affects the overall situation, its predictability. But the Champions League without a doubt can be called the most interesting football cluster in the world.

a Similar situation because the tournament involved the best of the best clubs of the old continent, famous players and coaches, the mass of sponsors and investments. This combination of factors on a daily basis can lead to the release of the masses of an enormous amount of news that are published on thousands of Internet resources. We launched our project to ensure that every football fan and lover of the strongest club tournament of Europe can promptly obtain relevant information in one place - on

a Little history

the UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious football tournament in the old continent. In the form in which it can be observed today, it started in the 1992/93 season. Approved anthem, emblem, group format of the drawing. Before that for 37 years, starting in 1955, the tournament was called the Champions Cup and, consequently, the playoffs format.

the Representation of teams from each country depends on its ranking in the UEFA coefficients table. For example, England may be represented by 5 teams, and Ukraine - 1-2. For this reason there is even an interesting fact: in 2004, Liverpool won the tournament, finishing in the national championship last pass the 5th place.

the Main prize of the tournament is a silver amphora 62 cm in height and 7.5 kg in weight. The winner has the right to store it for 10 months, after which the original change to the copy, and after a total of 5 victories he remains for permanent storage. Among the existing clubs, most award-winning is real Madrid, with 12 titles, while his main striker Cristiano Ronaldo with 93 goals is the best scorer in the history of the tournament.

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